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Dewellie Children Welfare Home, Monrovia, Liberia

This weekend, on a layover in Monrovia, Liberia, I visited the Dewellie Children Welfare Home. After a short but difficult drive, think earth road with more holes and rocks than flat road, we arrived at the welfare home. Immediately the children got excited as they seem to know quite well that white people usually bring stuff. And so we did, my colleague brought a whole bag of clothing and I brought my camera. We only just arrived as one of the boys took my hand and dragged me with him to show me his room. It’s hard to imagine living in a 2 by 3 meter room with nothing but concrete floor, no lights and nothing more than some wooden bunk beds lined with poor quality mosquito nets. But still he showed pride.
One of the other boys took me to another room, where he proudly showed me his floor covering. Nothing more than plastic tiles laid out on the floor. “Whenever I get some plaster, I will fix them to the ground”, he said. It’s impossible not to adore these kids. They have nothing, some of them are orphans, others have been abandoned and their ages go from just a couple of months to early teens.
When the tour was over, I asked them to pose for me, which they gladly did. Next time I’ll go to Monrovia, I’ll offer them prints of these pictures. They say a picture tells a thousand words, but the pride, joy and will to make something out of their lives is hard to define, hard to capture. It has to be experienced in real life, but I honestly hope these few pictures give you a glimpse of how beautiful these children are.
If you would like to help these children and the welfare home, feel free to contact me. Old clothes, toys, whatever you can spare, we can get it there!
The last two pictures are of the lifeguards at the Kendeja Resort & Villas. These guys keep a watchful eye on guests who go for a swim in the sea. A whole different story than the kids from the welfare home, but beautiful people as well who just have to have their picture taken.

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